Well, true, it’s yesterday’s news but still….We are in Venice, at last. The flights were fine except that the AA 777 planes in coach feel like a sardine can where the canner is trying to fit one more sardine in. I am 5 foot 1 inch and I had my knees against the seat in front of me and had to angle myself at a 45 degree angle to get out of the seat. Ah well, it is worth it to get to Venice. We took a water taxi to the apartment and, yes, I know how extravagent that is, but this is my birthday trip. The apartment is great, large rooms, terrace, well equipped. We met with Nan (venexiananan) who runs “Your Friend in Venice,” a company that does everything from arranging tours and water taxis to suggesting restaurants and orienting you to Venice in general. Kind of a comcierge service but so much more and she gives you someone to turn to with any and all questions. I have known her from SlowTrav for a couple of years. We talked and talked and while we were discussing what we had done the last time we visited here, it suddenly dawned on Nan that when we took the lagoon tour with Context Tours last time, she and her friend Gillian were the other two people on the tour with us and the Marine Biologist. Talk about a small world.
Last night she suggested we go to “La Cantina” restaurant on Strata Nova and it turned out great. We sat outside, had wine and fish, both raw and grilled, and people watched. Just right for a first night. Then jet lag struck, as it always does, and we slept until 9 this morning.
Today we walked from Piazza SS. Giovanni e Paolo which the apartment faces to the Piazza Roma, got our IMOB passes for the vaporetti, bought an Italian SIM card at Vodaphone, and then brought sandwiches home after buying some fruit to have at the apartment. Tonight it’s dinner at daAlberto, a favorite restaurant from last visit.
Right now we are listening to all the kids who just got out of school and are waiting patiently for their gelato at the gelateria across the street. It is so super being here in our neighborhood!


We are here! — 4 Comments

  1. Ciao, BJ.
    So happy for both of you and just a tad jealous that you are there already. ☺ In a couple of weeks we, too, will leave for Bella Venezia and so looking forward to getting together.
    A water taxi! Now that’s living! You deserved it especially after being squished in coach.
    Last year, a friend was staying in your apartment and I got to see it – nice place and a lot of room to spread out. The neighborhood cannot be beat for experiencing the Venetian life.
    Enjoy, enjoy!!!

  2. Ahh, BJ, your post brings back memories of my trip there in May with GrapeHops. We went to La Cantina and da Alberto a couple of times – loved them both!
    Keep those blog posts coming!