Today we decided to go to the Biennale. The Biennale is an exhibit of art held in odd years. I believe there is one in even years with music. The exhibitors are from all around the world with each country having a permanent building and also some chosen artists exhibiting in the main building. Most of the exhibits are in the Giardini Pubblici or Public Gardens at the eastern end of Castello. There are also exhibits all through Venice. I believe I mentioned that I like modern art, that it is, in fact, my favorite kind of art. But what we saw today was so much more radical and strange that I don’t even know how to began to describe it. We did like a few of the pavilions but, on the whole, the other twenty or so we were able to get to left us cold. Not only did we not understand what the artists were trying to accomplish, we weren’t even sure where the hype ended and art began. We were able to take pictures and so will include five of our favorites in this blog entry.
Okay, so we have received some comments that we are not posting enough “food porn” pictures. Since we just got back from Osteria da Alberto, we will once again share our dinner with you. We started out with a warm octopus salad, moved onto a seppia (cuttlefish) in black ink risotto and then shared a secondo of rare grilled beef slices with eggplant, tomatoes and mozzarella. We finished up with a lemon and almond tort that we ate so fast there is no picture. Well, three out of four things will just have to do for today!
Octopus Salad (Piovra)
Cuttlefish in black ink risotto (Risotto di seppia in nero)
Grilled beef with eggplant, tomatoes, and mozzarella (Manzo con melanzane, pomodori e mozzarella)


The Biennale; or, What in the World is That!! — 2 Comments

  1. I’m just catching up with your blog, and surely did enjoy it. Isn’t it blissful to have lots of time to savor that area of paradise?
    You’ve done such a food job with your posts. Well done!

  2. I was so sorry to miss the Biennale – I was there in May a couple of weeks before it opened. Guess it’s a good reason to go back someday.