Well, it’s now a little over two weeks since our cruise ended, so I guess it’s time to finish this blog trip.  We finally left Reykjavik about 14 hours late and the ship’s captain assured us we would be in Boston at the docking time stated in the Princess literature, so away we went at 21 knots per hour.


We had never been on a ship with that many sea days in a row but when you take a trans-Atlantic cruise, that’s what it’s all about.  There was plenty to do on the ship, and we never felt bored or seasick.  Considering we had 27 foot seas one day, it was a relief not to be prone to seasickness.  The best thing we did was go to the series of astronomy lectures that Princess offered.  They were given by Allen Taylor and if anyone is ever near where he is lecturing, he is an engaging, interesting speaker who makes his subject fun and understandable.  We also did another wine tasting, a bunch of movies, and in general, just relaxed.  Alan read eleven books on the trip.  Nice!

We landed in Boston exactly when we were due, went through immigration, and then met my friend Carole Jean.  We have been friends since we were 11 years old, went all through Junior High and High School, and have remained in touch over all these years.  She has lived in the Boston area since she started college and took the day off work to spend with us.  We had decided that the closest thing to the ship that we wanted to do was to go to the Kennedy Presidential Library.  We were all in High School when Kennedy was President and Carole Jean and I were actually together the evening after he was assassinated.



The building itself is a stunning piece of architecture by I.M.Pei and is right on the water.

dsc_2882 dsc_2878edited

We also were able to go to the Hemingway Collection at the Kennedy Library.  Hemingway’s widow gave the majority of his papers to the Kennedy Library and the exhibit was really interesting and worth seeing.

Carole Jean then drove us around the “Southie” neighborhood and the harbor area and then back to the ship.


We were back in plenty of time and as we left Boston, this was the sunset scene.


We had one more day at sea in between Boston and New York and then on September 22 around 6 AM were greeted with this.


Disembarkation and getting to the airport went smoothly and we were back home late that afternoon.  This was an amazing trip, a wonderful cruise and one of the best vacations we have had.  Hope everyone enjoyed.  Now to plan 2017 and 2018 travels.  I’ve already started!

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