At last the day has arrived for Alan’s second rowing lesson.  His first was two years ago.  We got to the meeting place early and were able to enjoy the beautiful view from the bridge above the marina.  On the left is the Faro or Lighthouse on Murano and on the right is the cemetery island of San Michele.


You have to admit it is a gorgeous day for a rowing lesson.  Nan pulled up to the wall of the Fondamenta and her first lesson left the boat.  We said our hellos and got into the boat.  It’s always so good to see Nan.  We actually met her on a Context tour of the lagoon in 2008 and have seen her many times since then.  She went over the front rowing position technique with Alan and then we were off.


He then switched to the back of the boat which is a whole different way of rowing.


We stayed mostly in the canals of the northwest part of Venice, passing in front of Madonna del Orto Church and venturing out into the lagoon for only a few minutes of being buffeted by the wakes of the vaporetti, water taxis, and delivery boats.


As Alan’s hands were getting sore, we stopped a little early and the three of us went to lunch at one of Nan’s favorite restaurants Ostaria da Rioba.  It was so good!  We started with a plate of marinated fish and another of pork carpaccio. Then Alan had tagliatelle with sardines, dill, raisins and onions.  I had monkfish and Nan had a fillet.  Wow, they were good.  We ended with Crema Catalan and coffee.  Okay, by now maybe you have figured out there are no pictures.  We were so busy talking, we forgot to take any.  I know we have fallen down on our food photos but we will try to be better about it in the future.

Back on the vaporetto to the apartment where Alan took a nap and I fooled around on the computer.  Tonight’s dinner, should we decide to eat, will be eggs!

Tomorrow the weather is supposed to change with thunderstorms forecasted for the next few days.  With rain in the forecast, we took the opportunity to capture a few more pictures of sunny canals with reflections.  We never tire of those.

Reflections in Rio San Barnaba around the corner from our apartment

Reflections in Rio San Barnaba around the corner from our apartment

We have a wine tasting with Nan in the late afternoon at Estro-Vino e Cucina.  This should be a blast!

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