Today was an absolutely beautiful day in Venice, an actual “no coat” kind of day. We could not stand being in anymore, even with our colds, so took off this morning with no map and no goals. Best kind of walk to take through Venice. Alan had the Flip video camera with him and took us on a “typical” walk through sottoportos, up and down steps, and around campos. We went through familiar places and not so familiar places. We wandered into San Marco thinking we had avoided it completely and got to Chiesa San Zaccharia ten minutes before it closed for lunch so didn’t have a lot of time to enjoy it. We wandered some more and found ourselves at Alla Rivetta once more, were greeted like old friends and hustled through lunch as usual. No pictures but I can tell you what we had–antipasto was alici alla greca which was small, little sardine-like fish in an oil and vinegar dressing. Then Alan had spaghetti con vongole (one of his favorites but he hadn’t had it yet–clams for non-Italian menu people), and I had fried squid and shrimp which was done absolutely perfectly. I decided to try something besides cuttlefish so you see how far away I got! We split an order of grilled eggplant and then split a tiramisu which was very, very good and probably very medicinal for our colds. Then we wandered some more, this time really getting into an area we had never been in before which turned out to be behind S. Maria Formosa . By then we were both coughing so came back to the apartment and have been here since. Leftovers are on tap for dinner from last night’s penne with panchetta, tomato sauce, onions, etc. Then early to bed and hopefully all better tomorrow. This has been such a great trip and such a great experience that we can’t really even be upset about the colds we have, just happy with the experiences we are having.
Our apartment Building at the Ponte Cavallo
Chiesa San Zaccharia
Wandering through Castello


Outside at Last — 2 Comments

  1. Venice weeps, started raining yesterday. Acqua alta expected at 115 tomorrow.
    Hope you had a comfortable journey home.
    See you in Venice next year??

  2. Oh we have taken so many photos of the pretty facade of your apartment building – how fun to see that that’s where you stayed! I found your blog late, and am just now enjoying your wonderful days in Venice – thanks for sharing!