Yesterday we left home long before the break of dawn, and were off to Chicago and then London.  Using frequent flyer miles, we were in First Class to Chicago and Business class to London.  What great food British Airways has in Business.  It was a pleasure to eat it, and you don’t hear that often about airline food.  We arrived and very quickly went through immigration and customs, so fast that we were early for our ride with Parker Car Services.  Nine o’clock traffic in London is awful, but we made it to the apartment while the cleaner was still there.  She had instructions to give us the keys and then we left to go to the Victoria and Albert Museum, just a few blocks away.  After wandering around th museum for a few hours, we noticed that ever time we stopped and sat on a bench, we fell asleep.  So back to the apartment we went and each had a good nap.  After showers, Alan went for a short walk, bought coffee and pastries for breakfast.  We then walked over to one of our favorite restaurants in London.  Daquise is a Polish restaurant, very near the South Kensington tube station, and we have dreamed about it since we were there three years ago.  Delicious food:  white borscht and rabbit for Alan, and beet salad with horseradish and pork tenderloins in mustard sauce for me.  As you noticed, we have no pictures, we were way too hungry to take any.  Now back to the apartment and bed soon.  Just love that jet lag! Finally got my second coffee of the day, so I’m hoping to stay up to 10 and sleep till at least 6.


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