Since this is a new blog website and a new blog company, I am not really good at it yet. We arrived after an early flight from Heathrow. We stayed at the Sofitel in Heathrow last night and had a spetacular dinner at the Belle Époque restaurant. Slept the sleep of the jet lagged, in other words, up and down all night. Very good breakfast and then off to Heathrow. It was as hectic as ever, but the flight was easy. We arrived in Venice in time to just miss a very high Acqua Alta. Lovely apartment with wonderful outside garden. We are about to go in search of the grocery in order to get some food into the house. Maybe I’ll figure this blog out soon so the pictures and the words are in the same entry!


More Venice at last — 1 Comment

  1. Glad you arrived safely. Very warm today. Royals beat the Astros big time. They will be playing Toronto on Friday for American League pennant. Meredith and I are on the phone constanty. 🙌 Suanne