Today was one of those days that, because you are staying a month, you allow yourself to have. I finally got up at 11 but Alan was up earlier so he had made coffee already–good man! Lunch was a peach and leftovers from daAlberto. We spent most of the day learning to use the dishwasher and the washing machine. A slight mishap when I turned all of our whites to a pale lilac color by not separating them from black pants I had never washed before, but other than that we did fine with the machines. We then decided we had to go to the grocery store and wound up buying more than the rolling cart could hold. Guess we need to work on that! Now Alan is out looking for a restaurant Nan told us about to see if he can get a reservation for tonight. The picture I am attaching was taken last night from the bridge directly outside our apartment. Not a bad view, huh?


Lazy Day — 5 Comments

  1. Ohhhhhh, the food!! Ohhhhh, the wine!! Looks like a great neighborhood. Are all the clothes lavender? What a great excuse to go shopping!

  2. Hi BJinNM, ahh you make me miss Venice. Lovely photo. Thanks so much for taking the time to share and post your photos.
    Keeping on having a wonderful time.