Happy Birthday to Alan!

As some of you already know, we have had major issues with the internet these last couple of days, both in Amsterdam and here in Venice.  We will post when we can, but it may be lots less frequently.

Our last day in Amsterdam started with rain and ended with rain.  Oh, well, as we have said, we were warned that the October weather in Amsterdam is rain.  We started to do a Jordaan walk including the almshouses, but by the time we got to the Anne Frank House, we had decided to take the 1 1/2 hour canal cruise.  We were both surprised at how much of Amsterdam we had seen and how much more we were able to see.  We really enjoyed doing this and highly recommend it.

Mr. Tooth cruising the Amsterdam canals


Since that just took over ten minutes to load a picture from the iPhone, I think we will have to skip most of the pictures right now.  Just take a trip to Amsterdam and go on the cruise yourselves.  It is great.

The next day we were picked up by the Taxi Electric company and flew to Venice.  Coincidently, one of Alan’s friends, Lori, from music camp was in Venice for a girl trip with her friend Jodie and so we made arrangements to have dinner with them at Ai Promessi Sposi.  As usual, it was great food and great fun.  Wednesday my 1st cousin Barry and his wife Lois (who was my classmate at Newcomb) flew into Venice for a couple of days.  We have been keeping them very busy visiting our favorite spots and eating at Da Alberto and at Alla Rivetta and at Ai Quattro Feri, three of our top favorites.  They are here until the weekend so it will be one more day of adventures with them.

Mr. Tooth meets his cousins in Venice

First Spritz this visit


Sorry for the lack of photos.  Hopefully the wifi will get better.

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