I am sitting here in the LAX Hilton using $12.95 a day wifi! So I thought I would start blogging our newest adventure. We are in LA because Alan thought he would have a med school reunion this weekend. All of our reservations for the rest of our trip revolved around this and, too late, we found out there was no reunion for his class, since UCLA can get $100 million from David Geffen, why should they help us organize a 40th reunion. Since the guy who had organized our previous reunion had died, no one else picked it up and the alumni office didn’t bother. We leave on Sunday for a week in London and then a month in Venice. Since we are using FF miles I didn’t want to upset the applecart by trying to change anything. It should be fine since we are meeting cousins tonight and tomorrow morning and then going to dinner with friends tomorrow night. Everyone has been great about picking us up here so we are set. No pictures yet but just this quick check in. More later and here’s a picture of what we packed at 9 PM last night. DSC_3330forweb.jpg


Here we go again! — 2 Comments

  1. Bon Voyage! I look forward to following your travels. I haven’t been to London in over 20 years except to change planes! (Yikes. Need to fix that!)

  2. Thanks for the beginning. Hope the rest of plans are more fruitful!I can only imagine that you will busy yourselves with some tasty eats and urban walking before you’re off to UK. Fly safe, my dear.