Well, here it is the day before our month in Venice starts! Wow, I have been planning this since September of 2010. I can’t believe we fly out tomorrow and get to Venice Tuesday. I thought I had everything so organized but this is what the packing looks like so far.
AARRGGHH!! Back to packing!


Getting Set — 4 Comments

  1. Doesn’t that room always look like that–hee hee??!!
    Did I see real paper books lying there—Alan???
    Have easy flights!

  2. Is that Alan I see peeking from under the cothes? Hope you didn’t sent him in the baggage hold.

  3. Oh what a wonderful adventure. So happy you connected with Nan…she is a treasure!!
    I’ll just miss you by a day or two….I arrive on the the 4th November.
    Have a wonderful time….thanx for the blog!

  4. LOL, your stuff on the bed photo is priceless!!!!! Looking forward to following along with your blog!
    One month in Venice….ahhhhh…..fantastico!!