It was an amazingly beautiful temperate day today, bright blue skies, no wind and temperatures in the 50s and low 60s.  We decided it would be an ideal day to show Tery and Greg the island of the lace makers, Burano. We met at the Railway station and took two vaporettos and an hour or so later we were on Burano.  Burano is a great tourist destination but we have been there enough to know how to get away from the crowds.  It is known for its lace and for the very colorful houses that fill the island.

DSC_9486 DSC_9487 DSC_9493 DSC_9494 DSC_9492

Here are Tery and Greg enjoying the day.


Two more pictures of a beautiful day:

DSC_9488 DSC_9491

We ate, as we have in the past, at Trattoria al Gato Nero.  It is always such fresh well-prepared food that even Tery who is not a seafood eater admitted razor clams were delicious.  Again we didn’t take pictures until we were almost done and all that was left was one of my grilled cuttlefish.


We did some shopping for Tery and Greg’s grandkids and then caught the vaporetto.  We were going to get off and wander around Murano the glass making island but decided just to go into Venice.  Since we were right near to it, we thought we would show Tery and Greg the church of Santa Maria Assunta better known as I Gesuiti.  It is a stunning take-your-breath away church and we wandered around inside very happy to share it.  Since it was late in the day, there were not many people and this made it even more special.  Here are two pictures from it.  The statue is Saint Barbara and, as some of you know, I was named after her.  She is, among other things, the patron saint of the Field Artillery and my Daddy was rather gung-ho. The altar is amazing with those twisted marble columns and soaring heights.

IMG_0255 IMG_0254

We left Tery and Greg at the Vaporetto stop.  They were going back to Mestre and we were going home.  For the second night in a row, we had a spritz and potato chips for supper.   What a life!


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