Yesterday we were going to meet Christy (JustTravel) to go and get some bubble wrap and then go see her apartment and visit with her husband Paul. We left the apartment just before lunch and stopped for Panini and coffee at a bar that apparently is a meeting place at lunch for many regulars. I am not sure how people work in the afternoon after wine and spritzes for lunch but maybe that is one reason why lots of shops and businesses are closed from noon to 3:30 or 4.
We decided since we had time, we would go look for a shop I was interested in exploring. Venice is a city of streets and alleys strung together (and I use the term very loosely) by campos. The campos usually exist because there is a church there but sometimes they are just courtyards with buildings surrounding them. A lot of times you rush through a campo intent on getting to your destination. One such campo is Campo San Anzolo. We have gone through it several times but this time stopped to look around. Here is some of what we found.
The Courtyard at one of the Venice Civic offices (we think, we can’t remember exactly which agency it is but it is definitely either city or province).
The rest are also from around the campo. We do not know any of the people who might be in these.
The store was closed for lunch so we went back to where we were going to meet Christy listening to a street band of two violins, two accordians and a table play Pachelbel. We got the bubble wrap (mille grazie, Michelangelo) and then went to their very nice apartment (after gelato, of course). On the way past, we noted that the band had switched to tangos, so I threw some coins in the violin case in honor of their not playing the Four Seasons or more Pachelbel. (Taco Bell Canyon) We had a great visit with Christy and Paul and then came back to our apartment to cook dried porcini and Gorgonzola risotto and roasted veggies.
This morning I was woken up by hammering once again from downstairs. Maybe we can get out of the apartment earlier because of it. Gotta look at the bright side. At least no more jack hammers so far.


Day 34–Quiet campo — 3 Comments

  1. You continue to give us a good example of how to truly LIVE in a place, with eyes wide open and an adventurous spirit. Thanks.