Today’s our last day in New Orleans and our last day near the Mississippi River. We head out tomorrow through Texas and home. Mama took us out to lunch today to Lüke, a John Besh restaurant. It was as good as the last time we ate there. Alan had three kinds of fresh made sausage, Mama had an oyster dish and a snail dish and I had a soft shell crab, bacon, lettuce and tomato sandwich. Once again we are skipping dinner!
Three kinds of homemade sausage and potatoes
Soft Shell Crab Sandwich
After lunch the three of us went to visit my Aunt Elise. Aunt Elise is my Dad’s sister and is 99+ years old. She is totally together and we argue politics a lot! It’s always fun to see her.
After dropping Mama back at her apartment we came back to the B&B where Alan is now watching the 4th game of the World Series.
Since this is the end of our time on the Mississippi River, I wanted to include our pictures from the mouth of the River. When we were in New Orleans last April we rode down there on a day when the weather was much more pleasant and warmer and much less windy. These are the pictures from then.
The red dot is New Orleans and the blue dot is where we took the pictures from. We went as far as we could until the tide came in and covered the road. “Cain’t go no mo'”
Tomorrow it’s on to Texas. Good bye, Mississippi River, you’ve been a great traveling companion and we will see you soon to explore your northern half.


Day 32-More Family Time and the End of the Road — 1 Comment

  1. Just followed the link from your posts on slowbowl here. Catching up on your blog. Your mother looks great and your aunt at her age sound fabulous. See you this Friday!
    The fun begins!