Before we get started today, I wanted to post the names of the two bookstores we went to yesterday. The one at 823 Chartres was Librarie Books and the one at 228 Decatur was Beckham’s Book Store. We started off our morning today by going to yet another used bookstore, this one at 437 Tchoupitoulas Street and called McKeown’s Books. If we were flying we would have had to buy an extra suitcase by now for the books we have bought. Luckily we just throw them in the car and go! Hooray for road trips. After the bookstore we went to the drugstore to get stuff for my mom and then, on the way to her apartment, we went up on the levee. Today is probably the coldest, greyest day thus far this Fall in New Orleans so we didn’t stay on the levee very long. We did get a couple of pictures but it seems the part of the levee we chose to go to was a parking lot for a company located on the River so there are many parked cars in the picture.
We then went to Mama’s apartment where we did exciting thing like laundry. She has an amazing view right onto the River so we do have a few pictures out of her windows.
Mama at 92+ years old
The Mississippi River from her windows
Mama took us out to dinner tonight at Pascal Manale’s and now we are back at the B&B watching the World’s Series (well, Alan is, I am typing this blog).
Just one comment about New Orleans tonight. It is the most over air-conditioned place I have ever experienced. With it 63 degrees outside today, every place we went had their air conditioners going and most were as cold inside as the outside temperature. UGH!


Day 31-Famiy Time with Mama — 2 Comments

  1. Your mother is beautiful. She seems to sparkle! I bet she just loved your visit, and how gracious of her to treat you to dinner.