Today started out sunny but with a chance for some acqua alta. Since we are on a main street, the walkways went up as it was expected, if it happened, at high tide around 10:30 or 11. No acqua alta, but the toddlers had great fun walking up and down the street on it.
Since it was Monday, many restaurants are closed (no fishing on Sunday) so we set out to find a place for lunch. One place we looked was totally empty so we skipped it, another couldn’t seat us for 30 minutes, and the 3rd, ‘Ai Osti, had a very limited menu. We had eaten there in 2011 so stayed there. They offered penne with ragu or penne with tuna (canned). We got one of each and they were both very tasty. Don’t know how they take canned tuna and turn it into something really good, but someone has that talent.
By the time we got to the Strata Nova (about 15 steps), the rain had started in earnest, and out came the umbrellas we actually remembered to bring.
We had arranged with Christy (JustTravel on SlowTrav) to meet in Campo San Luca to go to her friends’ glass shop, so we ambled over there, stopping into San Giovanni Grisostomo church which is a small, dark church with a lovely Bellini. Throughout Venice there are treasures like this and that is one of the things we love so much about the city. One of the “rules” one should know about wandering Venice is always look up.
Another “rule” is to watch for really cool graffiti!
We met Christy who gave us some great oatmeal cookies and went to the glass store of her friends. What a delightful couple and what a great store. I will have to get the name of the store from Christy as I can’t find their card.
We then went for a drink with her (prosecco for Christy and Alan, an aperol spritz for me–I think I am addicted to them). After leaving Christy, we walked home in the rain. Suddenly Alan stopped and said “I have to get a picture of this.” Having no idea what he was looking at (small, dark street with closed doors), I had to wait to see the picture. I hope all of you who are fellow 4th grade boys enjoy this as much as Alan did! My (Alan) best translation of this sign is that it is an advertisement for a service contract for maintenance of your gas appliances. “It is better to trust yourself to the ones who know better.”
Leftover chicken soup on this rainy evening sounds just right, followed by Christy’s cookies. Maybe some sun tomorrow?

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