Today was one of those days on a road trip that seems like you never get out of the car. We left Guthrie at about 9:45 AM after a very good breakfast served to us in our little suite. Nice! The morning was very hazy, almost foggy, with lots of clouds; but by afternoon, it had cleared up and the sun was shining. Setting out into the Oklahoma countryside and then into the Kansas countryside was a real eye opener. Everything seems flat as far as the eye can see and yet there is real beauty hidden around every curve. For miles the fields are covered with yellow flowers making everything look like yellow velvet. kansas-countryside-1.jpg
The trees are starting to change colors especially as you drive farther north. There are farms and windmills and farm equipment (a special favorite of mine, I think “The Bobsey Twins Visit the Farm” must have had a huge effect on me). windmill.jpg
Old barns and abandoned farm house pop up as you travel down two lane roads. kansas-countryside-2.jpg
Call us nuts but we really enjoy driving through America’s Heartland. We stopped in Emporia for lunch and finally had our first barbeque food. Going through Atchison we saw signs for the Lewis and Clark Trail and for Amelia Earhart’s birthplace so we got off the highway (which was actually a main street of the town) and found the Missouri River with Lewis and Clark Trail information Missouri-River.jpg
and close by was Amelia Earhart’s birth home. amelia-earhart-birthplace2.jpg
Being a big fan of Ms. Earhart, I really loved seeing this even if it was closed for the day. We arrived in St. Joseph, Mo., found our B&B, and are now relaxing, debating whether to bother to go to dinner since we ate lunch so late. We are here for two days so we can slow down a bit and enjoy the surroundings. More tomorrow.

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