We forgot to put this picture into last night’s blog entry. It is the view from the Riva Schiavoni on the way from the Biennale. It is simply beautiful in the dusky light.
Today continuing our modern art binge, we decided to journey to Ca’ Pesaro. Ca’ Pesaro is the Modern Art Museum in Venice and is in Santa Croce sestiere so we were able to explore a little in that neighborhood.
We went to the museum and it has quite a collection. The main collection allows no photos but the special collection which was from the Sonnabend Collection here for the Biennale allows photos. Here are just a few of the works.
Cristo is represented by this one
Others included:
A million typewriters and a Million Monkeys and an Infinite Amount of Time=Hamlet
We left and decided to go eat lunch. We went to MuroVenice and had some really lovely pizzas. Noelle decided she would go to the Guggenheim and we were going to roam around Santa Croce before going to La Cantina for our wine tasting with Nan. On the way into the bathroom after lunch, Noelle missed a step and fell and broke her arm. Alan took her to the hospital and I went home to await them. Noelle was still waiting to be seen when we were supposed to meet Nan, so Alan left her, and we went for our winetasting. It was such great fun again and we got to meet her sommelier-in-training Nicoletta. Great wines and great food to go with it. Alan then went back to the hospital and talked to the doctor and helped Noelle check out. Noelle is back in the apartment now, complete with a brand new plaster cast and a need to learn to use her left hand. Hopefully she will get some rest and not be in too much pain. Oh and, by the way, the bill for ER, X-ray, doctor and cast was 73 euro. The US doesn’t need any changes to its medical system, right?
Tomorrow we all have tickets to see the Leonardo daVinci exhibit which is temporarily at the Accademia Museum. We will probably just take it easy in the morning and let Noelle rest before we walk over there. More then.


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