We are sitting in our hotel room listening to the rain (and the elephant in the room above us), having just come through a tornado warning with sirens for the last few hours. The excitement never ends and what an exciting day this has been. We are now able to take “Going to Graceland” off our bucket lists. It is one of those things we all should do once in our lives and for Alan and me, once was enough. It is a very slick operation with everything running very smoothly, and the one thing you can say about the house, considering the 20000 and 30000 foot mansions stars today live in, it is a “modest” home. It is also very indicative of the time it was lived in with all the kitschy stuff you can imagine. It’s also a lot of fun!
Living Room and Music Room
TV Room in Elvis’ Basement Mancave
Billiard Room
Stage costumes
Elvis’ Grave
After finishing at Graceland, we decided we needed to come back to reality and so headed over to the National Civil Rights Museum. This is built around the Lorraine Motel where Dr. Martin Luther King was killed. It is a place not to be missed. Very sobering.
Then because our feet were hurting from so much walking, we decided to go to the Mud Island Mississippi Riverwalk where you can walk along side a model of the entire Lower Mississippi River system including flood plains and ox-bows. It covers 5 blocks down one bank and 5 blocks up the other! As we approached the New Orleans area, we were told they were closing and so we had to hurry back the 5 blocks to the exit. You will be glad to know, contrary to our usual luck, we were not locked in. Hooray for us!
The Riverwalk
The real thing at Memphis
We are not sure what we will do tomorrow. We have one more day in Memphis and would really like to explore Beale Street and hear some music. We are also talking about crossing the River into Arkansas and exploring the River Road for a couple of hours over there tomorrow morning. It all depends on the weather and whether or not (pun intendied) we end up in Oz tonight!

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