We have been so busy that we haven’t had a chance to write. As it is obvious, we made it to London just fine, met our driver, and were delivered to the door of the apartment with no worries in our driver’s new Mercedes! Not a bad way to finish our first class flight.
After unpacking, we decided to go out looking for dinner. We found a great tapas place not far away called Casa Brindisa on Exhibition Road. We had some of the best bacalao ever and some much needed wine.
We were able to fall asleep easily but what’s this. Jet lag reared its ugly head at about 2 for me (Alan slept until 6). Then I fell asleep at 8 and woke just before noon. UGH! What a way to waste the day.
We decided to go to the National Galleries and to have a big lunch there. We ate at the National Dining Room and it was truly an excellent meal. No pictures but good memories of my hake and Alan’s trout. After wandering around the galleries getting our fill of halos, we went to the special exhibit called (maybe) Saints Today. Very modern based on earlier painting. Very weird also. It reminded us of the art in the Venice Biennale.
Last night we had tickets to the Crosby, Stills, and Nash show at the Royal Albert. Wow! They’ve still got “it” in spades. We were all the way up in the nose bleed section but the sound at the Royal Albert is amazing.
It started at 8 and ran until almost 11:30. It was thrilling to see these guys. Alan thinks he may have seen them at Woodstock but can’t remember much about that weekend!
Today is Alan’s “Welcome to Medicare” birthday. Last December I booked a Context Tour called “Handel and the Baroque Court.” This was his birthday present from me and he didn’t know about it until last night. As usual, the Context tour was wonderful. The only problem was that we went off without the camera! Oh, well. This way I got out from behind the lens and actually saw what she was saying. It centered around the St. James Castle area of London and it was not an area I was familiar with. Really well done, just the two of us and we now have a feel for the time period and what London was like then. Tonight is birthday dinner at Koffman’s and then tomorrow we will play it by ear. More about our dinner tomorrow.


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  1. Belated birthday wishes to Alan. Love the photo of the mews you are staying in!
    Following along wishing I were there instead of here…as usual.