When I first started planning this trip, I read about the town of Metropolis, Ill. having a giant Superman statue and a Superman Museum, and I knew we had to go there. The closest place I could find to stay was Paducah, Ky. and that’s how we came to be in Paducah. I could lie and say it was the National Quilt Museum in Paducah or the confluence of the Tennessee and Ohio Rivers that attracted us here, but I would be lying. It was Clark Kent, and Lois Lane, and Jimmy Olson, and Perry White! We were not disappointed by Metropolis at all. It is a kick and a half and the museum is an obsessive-compulsive’s dream!
Superman Statue on the Main Street near the street signs for Truth, Justice and the American Way
Superman in his later years or SuperAlan, as I call this
Outside of the Superman Museum
Inside the Superman Museum
We can’t forget Lois Lane!
On the way out of Metropolis, we passed a grocery store with a great “muffler man” in the parking lot, so, of course, we stopped, and Alan ran across the highway to get a picture to share.
One of my SlowTrav friends suggested we stop outside of Metropolis and see Fort Massac. I just want her to know that we tried our best. They were setting up for what looked like a reenactment and every parking lot was barred. We finally found a spot down in the river launching lot only to be foiled by ropes across every path up to the fort. What can you do in a case like this but realize it was not to be?
Fort Massac from afar
Back we came to Paducah and lunch. I had read about the famous “hot tamales” that are made throughout the Delta Region and so we thought we would try some. Glad we did, but we probably have now had our first and last hot tamales of the trip.
I really wanted to go to the National Quilt Museum and Alan was a great sport and went with me. They don’t allow pictures so we have none, but the quilts are absolutely amazing. There are both handsewn quilts and ones made on a sewing machine and each of them is just amazing. If anyone who is reading this is a quilter, or like me, just loves quilts, this museum is worth the trip to Paducah.
We crossed the street from the Museum and walked along the levee wall which is covered in history murals. There are openings and you can walk along the top of the levee and see the Ohio River and also the confluence of the Tennessee River with the Ohio.
Confluence of the Tennessee and Ohio Rivers
We came back to the B&B and finally met the owner. We decided to eat at his restaurant downstairs for supper and pay him for our time here then. Major Note to Self: Eating Mexican food outside of New Mexico is not the same thing and we either need to bring chiles with us or not eat in Mexican restaurants even if the owner and chef is from Guadalajara!
Tomorrow we move onto Memphis. Elvis, here we come!

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