We spent the morning relaxing and waiting for Sabrina our landlady to come by at Noon. The dishwasher was not working and Sabrina and Paolo are always so prompt in coming to see what the problem is. By the time we were finished lunch, she had called and a new dishwasher will be delivered Saturday.
We decided that we were going to just wander around Castello into corners we had never been. At last we found the San Giorgio dei Greci with its tilting campanile.
We found some hidden beautiful areas of Castello
and a Scuola we had never heard of full of Carpaccio murals. It is the Scuola Dalmata delli Santi Giorgio e Triffon. It was a lovely find and since we didn’t have any guide books, we had to wait to read about it when we got back.
We wandered and wandered finally ending up near the Giardina (the huge park designed by Napoleon). We thought we would take the Vaporetto back down the Grand Canal. Alan had said there was supposed to be a strike but that it had been settled so we couldn’t understand when the boat didn’t come. Aha, checking the newspaper later, we found that the only union that hadn’t settled the strike was the one that included the Vaporettos and they were not running on Friday. So making lemonade out of lemons, we cut through the Park
Down the Via Garibaldi we went, stopping only for the call of gelato at the Crystal Gelateria (or that’s what we think the name was). My first Nutella gelato! Alan had some combination of red fruity streaks and vanilla gelato but can’t remember the name. Both very good! Thought we would include this unusual balcony decoration we saw on the way home. I don’t know if it is a Wizard of Oz theme or a Halloween one but it sure was fun.
We got home and settled in to wait to leave again for our 9 PM reservation at Ai Promessi Sposi. Warning, here comes the food porn!
We also had fegato alla Venezia (liver and onions) and limoncello and grappa. While we were at the restaurant the woman who was sitting at the next table came over and introduced herself. She is another participant on the SlowTrav forums and recognized us from our blog. Great meeting you, Barb, and hope you and Lee have a safe trip home.
Today we are at the apartment having the dishwasher replaced and having Paolo replaced some broken light fixtures. Yesterday when we were wandering Castello, we found a fresh pasta store and bought some truffled pasta. We plan to have that tonight with the sun-dried tomatoes we bought the other day. Hopefully pictures will follow!


Day 13-Wandering Castello — 5 Comments

  1. No vaporetto =more walking=more calories burned off=more eating!
    Another ST small world story by running into Barb and Lee. Love it.
    Enjoy your new dishwasher!!

  2. My favorite kind of day in Venice! How special.
    If you find yourselves on via Garibaldi again, Refolo is a fabulous enoteca that Shannon introduced me to last Spring.

  3. I don’t always get to read every entry but when I do, I really enjoy these. Enjoyed this entry. Thanks for posting such enriching and fun stuff.

  4. Sounds like another wonderful day! I second Sharon’s suggestion of El Rèfolo on Via Garibaldi. The guys who run it are so nice. Great salumi and panini.