Last night we met a SlowTrav online friend “Kattibella” and went to da Alberto for dinner. Although Kathy has been to Venice many times, she had never been there and since she is leaving Venice in the next day or two, we all thought it would be a great place to show her. (It is one of our favorite restaurants and we usually go there at least twice a visit.) The following is an alert for several pictures of food porn. Be aware that uncontrollable drooling may occur.
The tiramisu was eaten way too fast to pose for a picture. We closed down the place and really had a great time talking, eating and sharing good wine. Here’s a picture of Kathy and me that I promised not to post, so please, nobody tell her I did!
This morning we arose early (thank you iPhone alarm) and walked through Cannaregio to meet another SlowTrav friend Nan McElroy for Alan’s rowing lesson. It was foggy which always makes Venice look and feel wonderful and mysterious.
Alan really loved the lesson and found out that even with as athletic as he is, Venetian style rowing is not an easy thing to master.
We stopped at Billa SuperMercato for cold cuts, came home, had lunch and both of us fell asleep for a couple of hours. Ah, leisure time, can’t beat it.
For dinner we walked over to Alla Strega which still seems to be closed. Hope it is not permanently shut down. We went, instead, to Casa Mia where we had caprese, an anchovy pizza and grilled squid. Sorry, no pictures. We were hungry!
We left there and walked down the Strata Nova intending to go to Grom’s for gelato. We saw a gelato place we didn’t know Gelateria Ca d’Oro (we think) and decided to try it. Really great gelato! I got stracciatela and Alan got chocolate and peanut. (These may be spelled wrong. We are better eating gelato than spelling it.) YUM! At last! Gelato!
Tomorrow we have nothing planned. Best way to be as far as we are concerned. More then.


Day 11–Ah, GELATO at last — 6 Comments

  1. Great post! I loved seeing a photo of you and Kattibella, not to mention all of that great looking food.
    Alan looks great rowing “a poppa”, a real natural!

  2. Don’t know why Kathy didn’t want her photo posted – it is a great picture of two lovely ladies! And thanks so much for making my planned dinner seem VERY boring and uninteresting…those photos were absolutely drool worthy.
    Bravo to the rower!

  3. The ca d’oro gelato place is my favorite–after much research! So much fun to imagine you in the old neighborhood.

  4. Wonderful story. Love the pics and you need to buy Alan a striped shirt and a straw hat.