Let me first say that we had a very good time in Los Angeles. My cousins came up from Long Beach and other cousins came down from Simi Valley. We had a great time with both sets of relatives. We also went out with two of our roommates from when we lived in LA. They and their wives along with us had a great dinner at Le Petit Café on Colorado in Santa Monica. It was the second time this year we ate there and was just as outstanding as in January. Go if you are in the area.
Right now we are in British Airways 1st Class Lounge in Vancouver on the way to London. This flight and the one on Alaskan Airways are courtesy of a lot of frequent flyer miles. My new motto is going to be buy and fly as often as possible using the AA card so we can do this more often.
Alan took some great pictures out of the Alaskan Airlines window but can’t transfer them yet. Mt. Shasta, Mt. Hood and Mt. Saint Helens–not bad scenery.
We will write more when we reach London tomorrow.


Day 1–In transit — 5 Comments

  1. Have a safe trip to London, BJ.
    We will fly behind you in 17 days. We will fly first class on BA as well, thanks to FF.
    See you in Venice.

  2. Welcome to Vancouver. The BA lounge here is tiny but lovely to be there rather that out in the terminal.
    It is sunny today so you should get lovely views as you fly out.
    When you arrive in London you can go to the BA arrivals lounge and have a shower etc, and a spa treatment. I love the Elemis skin care products. A facial after a long flight is heaven!
    Safe travels.