We just can’t seem to get going in the mornings so about noon time we left the apartment with absolutely nothing in mind to do nor anywhere in particular to go. So we went to the hospital, the Ospedale, which is directly across from us. Actually we went there to use the ATM as it is the closest one to us, but decided since Alan has now visited the hospital, maybe we could write the trip off–NOT! We also had to see where Guido Brunetti spends so much time. We cut through the hospital, a very impressive old and new building, to get to the vaporetto stop called the Ospedale; coincidence, I think not! We then proceeded to catch the first vaporetto that appeared, not knowing nor caring where it went. It was the No. 51, and it went around the outside of Venice, past the cruise ship docks, San Marco, the Giardini, and onto the Lido which is an island where the beaches for Venice are. At the Lido stop we had to get off one vaporetto and onto another even though they had the same number. The new vaporetto continued on past S. Pietro di Castello, the Arsenale –and back to the Ospedale stop. Back through the Ospedale (do two visits to the hospital count for tax purposes?), and across our very own Piazza d. SS Giovani e Paolo for a gelato stop at Rosa Salva–caffe gelato for me and mint chocolate for Alan. We went back to the apartment where we finally met our landlady, Sabrina and her family. After they left, Alan and I had leftover Harry Potter pizza, salad, and wine for dinner. Great day!
Yesterday when we were out and about and got to La Fenice we noticed that the Ukrainian Biennale exhibit was across the way. It was amazing with thousands and thousands of blown out and decorated Ukrainian Easter eggs put together into a Christ painting. Here are three pictures from that exhibit.


Boat to Nowhere — 2 Comments

  1. Ciao, BJ! Wishing we are there already. ☺
    Have you visited the San Pietro yet? It was THE church before San Marco. We try to visit everytime we are in Venice.
    Isn’t it wonderful to be able to take ones time, not feeling having to get up and go early each day?

  2. Love reading your blog posts!!
    Wow, what a find in the Ukranian Egg exhibition! To see all of those eggs up close must have been a mind-blowing experience! LOL
    Keep up the great job with blogging!! 1 year ago today I was in Venice…..deep sigh….