I am sure it is no longer a surprise, but we got out of the apartment at 12:30. Alan got home from his  concert on San Servolo at about 11:30 last night, and still beat me in getting up this morning! He enjoyed the concert but said I probably would not have liked it since it was a lot of “free form” Jazz. He sure is right about that! After breakfast, showers and a load of clothes, we left to go toward Campo San Polo. We know the way there very well, and we were also checking out apartment locations along the way for a friend who wants to come to Venice this December.   When we got to Bar Ai Nomboli, I remembered that Ruth and Martin E. spoke very highly of it, so we stopped and had panini and coffee. We split a Gorgonzola, roasted pepper, grilled onion, and spicy salami one and one with speck, stracchino cheese, asparagus, and nettles. It was the first time either of us have eaten nettles, so it was interesting.

Speck and nettles panini


We continued toward San Polo and stopped in at the Church in the Campo San Polo. We hadn’t been in there in a couple of trips and it has some amazing Tiepolo and Tintoretto works of art.

Last Supper by Tintoretto

Jesus washing of the feet

One of the stations of the Cross by Giandomenico Tiepolo


We then went into the Campo San Polo where we sat awhile with the other elderly people and just watched the world go by.

Campo San Polo


Finally, we left to go to Mille Voglie to get our gelato fix, first stopping to get a battery for my watch. Then we stopped in on one of the free Biennale exhibits. This one was in the palazzo where Martin and Ruth E. stay when they are in Venice. It was called “Beauty and the Beast” and dealt with monsters and honey bees interacting. Okay, remember, this is Biennale art presentations. It was actually an interesting exhibit and we got to be on the piano nobile floor of the Palazzo, which was beautiful. We took a few pictures of the view that Ruth and Martin had each day onto the Grand Canal and also took a picture of their apartment door in the hope that it will speed them back here.


The Beast

View from piano nobile of the Palazzo

Ruth and Martin’s apartment door


At last we got our gelato, mine was extra dark chocolate and Alan’s was Baci (chocolate, hazelnuts and chocolate chips. Mille Voglie was the first place we had ever had a gelato (back in 2008) and Alan still remembers getting it all over his shirt. That’s why we now get cups instead of cones. It is very near San Rocco which celebrates the saint who helped clear the Plague from Venice. We also stopped at Tonolo for breakfast and chocolate dipped orange peels (one of Alan’s favorite things).

Campo San Rocco

Mille Voglie Gelateria


We then walked over to Campo Santa Marguerita, skirting the edge of the Santa Croce sestiere, saw another baccalaureate celebration, stopped at the vegetable barge for, what else but, vegetables!

Home we came, relaxed some, then roasted the vegetables we had bought, plus some we already had, and made a big omelet out of fresh Italian eggs, some of the veggies, some hot chiles we had, and some oil-cured sun-dried tomatoes.

No definite plans for tomorrow, so it will be a surprise to us, as well as to you. We may go to a soccer game. Venezia, which was in Seria D (fourth division) last time we were here, is now near the top of Seria B (second division). This might prove to be a better game.


And We Wandered… — 2 Comments

  1. Oh how I loved reading this! I am so homesick, but it is a bittersweet feeling not just sadness because we had such wonderful times over more than ten years there. If you go into Karisma again and Dimitri is there give me greetings from me. Also do stop in at Sabbia we and Nebbia just to have a look. Maria Teresa has such beautiful items from Asia and also Venice. Give her my regards too if you stop by.
    Do you go into either of the Boldrin brothers’ mask shops? On is in Calle Saoneri in the left as you walk towards the bridge and the other is at the foot of the Rialto bridge. Sergio gives the best hugs in Venice. Have you eaten in al Paradiso? If Giordano is still there Inwoukd like to know and like him to know how often I think of him The same is true of Francesco, Franco and Piera at Antiche Carampane. We were thrilled on our last visit to see the upstairs rooms withthe installation from that Bienale. The photos are wonderful as is yourr blog. Somehow I missed that you were doing this. I will go back and read the others, but if ?I can be added to a notification list please do add me. Keep in having wonderful meals and coffee and wines, and blow La Serenissima a kiss from me.

    • Ruth, they are being posted on Facebook, as well as http://www.bjandalan.com
      There are really no notifications. I tagged yOuon Facebook for this one because i especially wanted you to see it. We miss you this visit. Love to you and Martin.