Having left yesterday, I thought I should start this blog trip. We are currently overnighting in London, after an uneventful, albeit, uncomfortable economy ride across the big pond. Tomorrow it’s on to Venice. Acqua alta is supposed to peak just as our plane lands, so we may dawdle a bit at Marco Polo. We had great plans to spend today in London, and then promptly fell asleep for 4 hours. Oh, well. More from Venice tomorrow.


And we are off on another adventure! — 5 Comments

  1. BJ, We just missed each other! I left Venezia 15 Ottobre. On this, my eigth trip to Venezia, I experienced my first acqua alta. Got to wear those “major fashion statement” plastic boots! I hope sometime our trips will overlap again, and we can have another dinner at da Alberto. Have a fabulous stay in bella Venezia! (by the way, I was Kathy Lambert, in case you’re confused about who this is!)