This morning Alan woke me up by having sunlight streaming into the bedroom when he opened the door.  I was going to be angry but he said it was 11 AM so I had to forgive and forget.  He had apparently been up a whole half hour already and made coffee.  Gotta love a man who has coffee ready for you!

Today was the day that we were supposed to go to Piazzale Roma to change from our IMOB transport cards to the new Venezia Unica card.  After a relatively short walk, cutting directly across the island rather than following along the Grand Canal, we took a number and waited and were told that we still had a year left on our existing cards and could continue to use them.  So we grabbed some tramezzini, which are random half sandwiches on white bread without the crust.  We had one crab, one chicken salad, one salmon and egg and one roasted vegetables.  Not an inspiring meal, but we needed to eat before going into the grocery store.

After finishing shopping for spices and the other things that were needed for tonight’s dinner, we hopped on the vaporetto for our first ride of this trip.  On the way, I (Alan now) took this picture of our apartment.

Our apartment from the Grand Canal

Our apartment from the Grand Canal


After getting home, we sat for a while.  BJ played with the computer and I practiced violin.  Then we made dinner.  BJ made roasted vegetables with leeks, radicchio di Treviso, and squash.  I made papparadelle with a sauce of cauliflower, leeks, cream, and pecorino cheese.  It was a recipe off of the La Cucina Italiana weekly posting.  It was very good, but subtle. The vegetables were great.

Home Cooking Venice Style

Home Cooking Venice Style

Here is a picture out our living room window at night.  The Palazzo Grassi is directly across from us.


Palazzo Grassi



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  1. Love the relaxed way you are approaching your vacation! Slow and steady. And your apartment is gorgeous from the canal view!